Nanaimo Migraine Botox.

No injection fees*. Insurance pre-approvals are completed for free. Now accepting patients for trigger point injections and Botox therapy for chronic migraine.


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We offer trigger point injections for myofascial pain as well as botinulim toxin injections for chronic migraine. A Cochrane systematic review found Botox is effective for chronic migraine. Many patients are candidates for both treatments. Physician referrals are prioritized but we do also allow self-referrals.


Botox for migraine

This is covered partially or fully by your insurance if you have the appropriate insurance coverage and you meet criteria for chronic migraine.

$5/unit (covered by insurance).

No injection fees.**

More details

  • Insurance pre-approval forms are completed for you for free.
  • Dr. Toom is certified in emergency medicine and has special training in Botox injection.
  • Typical treatment regimen is 150-200 units every 3 months and we provide Botox through our office.
  • No injection fees for the vast majority of patients (**but a $150.00 injection fee, paid by the patient, may apply depending on your coverage).

Trigger point injections

You are eligible for trigger point injections under MSP (medical services plan) which is standard government health insurance.

No fees.

More details

  • Lidocaine trigger point injections every 2 weeks as needed.
  • Can be done together at time of Botox injections.
  • This treatment is usually used more for myofascial pain.